Brand and Marketing Strategies.

JAM Directions has created Brands and Marketing Strategies for Corporate, Film Festivals, Finance, Government, Health, Legal, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications and The Arts.

Standing out and representing your Brand across the vast array of media is of primary importance in today's cluttered market, particularly online media.

Brand involves evolving a unique message to work with your Identity. More about brands / Logos here.

We are happy to meet to see if we can assist you with your brand and strategy. We offer a complimentary brand, marketing and online strategy review.

Creative Direction, Design and Marketing of Canon PhotoEssentials digital Image Library ; Creative, Design, Marketing and Screen Direction of The 5 Minute Workout DVD; Creative Direction and Design of WOW Film Festival Image, Cinema Trailers and Promotions 2009 - 2012; Creative Direction and Design of Ask Conveyancer App 2015. JAM Directions



What We Do

- App Design and Development

- Brand Creative and Production

- Copy, Creative and Technical Writing

- Creative Direction and Production

- Social Media and Online Management

- Marketing and Online Strategies

- Mobile Responsive Website Production

- TV Commercials, Video, DVD Production

- Script Development and Film Production

What We can Do for You

















"I personally wanted to thank you for all

the hard work you have undertaken

and especially for the App Launch of

'Ask Conveyancer' and for the

professional and expert assistance

with launching 'Ask Conveyancer'."

Brown and Brown Conveyancing (2015)



"Your creativity and professionalism has

raised the profile and given it a positive

and exciting image. I have received so

many positive accolades for your work,

particulary the brand, print and website.

Thank you for your wonderful legacy."

WOW Film Festival (2009 - 2012)








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